T Shirts & Hats

Custom Printed T-Shirts

We custom print and Die Cut custom prints for most apparel.
T-Shirts, Hoodies, sweats, tote bags, hats, Button down shirts and so much more.
We offer an extensive selection of garment upgrades and colors, giving clients more options
than the basic white unisex tee. The GraphX Shop carries everything from loose tank tops and loose tees,
to sweatshirts and sweatpants, to youth and toddler tees, to V-necks and crewnecks, as well as dozens of
other customizable garments and T shirts.  All at competitive rates compared to On-line Stores




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What’s the difference between Screenprinting
and Our Digital Printing?

Screenprinting involves creating a stencil, known as a screen and then using that screen to apply ink on the printing surface.
Each individual color is applied using a different screen, one at a time, combined to achieve the final look. The more colors a design
has, the more screens that are needed, and the more setup time required. The ink in screen printing is applied thicker than digital printing
Screenprinting can often time crack and fad after as little as 20 washes and dries

Digital printing is a much newer process that involves your artwork being processed by a computer, and then printed  onto a Vinyl surface
Then Heat Pressed on your product. The fact that the design is processed and printed digitally allows for a quantity of one, since there are no
screens or physical setup. Digital printing is best used for items that require large amounts of detail and/or print colors. The fact that the digital
printer does not use screens allows for a photographic print, with much more detail than traditional screen printing.
Our process lasts as many as 100 washes and dries although your items may vary depending on how hard your water is and how hot you dry your cloths.