Mango Signs


What is Mango Signs?
Mango Signs is a Digital display for your business walls and windows
Mango Signs allows you to display customized menus, social media feeds, breaking news,  upcoming sales and more.
Simply connect a Mango Sign Box to any TV or HD display you would like to deliver your message on and log into our web
portal to customize your content.

Curious to see how it works?
Give it a try, turn your phone
or tablet into a sign in seconds!

First, create a free account online here:
Then, Simply download the Mango Signs app from the app store
and enter the code. That is all it takes to set up your first sign!

Pick from our Library of Templates

A constantly growing library of digital signage templates that are fully customizable.
Pick one of our Custom templates or create your very own then send it to your Mango TV box
and start engaging with your customers today.